Lewis Crook, Architect

Crook Residences in Druid Hills

This collection includes Ivey & Crook residences located in the beautiful Druid Hills neighborhoods around Atlanta's Emory University. Ivey & Crook were responsible for the design and construction of almost 40 buildings on the Emory campus.

Map of Druid Hills

  1463 Clifton Road, N.E. 
Job #145, the Walter Turner Candler Estate, Lullwater Farms, built in 1925. The presidents of Emory University have lived in this mansion since 1963, so students now graze where cows once did. Notice the attention to detail in the ceiling, balcony, and doorway in this photo of the entrance-stair hall. Both photographs are by Van Jones Martin, from Classic Atlanta and the Crook Book
  948 Lullwater Road 
Job #221, built for John H. Candler in 1929, one of three Crook designs on Atlanta's historic Lullwater Road, and another home built for one of Coca-Cola founder Asa Candler's sons. 
  1284 Fairview Road 
Job #112, built for Mrs. Morris Eiseman in 1923. This home was once inhabited by the real Miss Daisy, from the movie, Driving Miss Daisy. Actually, her name was Mrs. Lena Fox, and her grandson, Alfred Uhry, won an Academy Award for the screenplay adapted from his play. I understand that the character in the movie was inspired by both his grandmother and his mother, but nevertheless, all three of them lived in the house for many years. 
  798 Castle Falls Drive 
Job #678, built for George S. Morris in 1963. Located just north of Emory, the house is approximately 3,000 square feet and features 5 bedrooms and 3 recently-renovated bathrooms. Interestingly, if you lived in this home and had a high-school age child and wished for that child to reap the benefits of a public education, your child would attend Druid Hills High School, yet another Buck Crook design! And if you were a Baptist, you'd be just around the corner from another Crook creation: Peachtree Baptist Church! 
  1451 North Decatur Road 
Job #142, designed for S.J. West in 1925: this is one of my favorites because it looks so happy.  In September of 1997, I received a lovely letter from Kelley Peace, a former owner of the home. Four years later, Henry Hibbert, the current owner, sent me another one.
  1424 Fairview Road 
Job#130, for Mrs. Nathan Bodenheimer in 1924. In that year, the address of this house was 1436 Fairview. Since that time, the street numbers shifted. For a time, I mistakenly attributed the house currently at 1436 to my grandfather, but I now know that it was designed by his mentor, Neel Reid.
  1098 Lullwater Road 
Job #394, designed for J.L. Morris in 1941. Personally, my favorite Crook-designed homes are his most distinctive -- those in which he combines traditional, classical elements in such a way as to create a unique and fresh result. I like the symmetry of this house. It's well-balanced. 
  1766 Ponce de Leon Avenue 
Job #162, built for Paul Fleming in 1926. This large home sits right in front of the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the second home east of Clifton Road, across from the Druid Hills Country Club. 
  1343 North Decatur Road 
Job #173, at the corner of Springdale Road, was built for Mrs. B.E. Brooks in 1926. The house is hard to see because of the landscaping, in both the front and the back yard
  826 Springdale Road 
Job #125, designed for Dr. and Mrs. Hal Miller in 1924, is another of Crook's forays into the Italian Renaissance. 
  808 Lullwater Road 
Job #123, built for Mrs. Charles A. Bickerstaff in 1924, one of three Ivey & Crook designs on Atlanta's famed Lullwater Road. 
  • Job #257, 1182 Clifton Road, for G.H. Mew in 1931 
  • Job #328, 2046 North Ponce de Leon Avenue, for John W. Laughlin in 1937 
  • Job #490, 2115 Ponce de Leon Avenue, for Don A. Limbert in 1947 
  • Job #179, 794 Springdale Road, alterations for Mrs. C.V. Rainwater in 1927 

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