Lewis Crook, Architect

Thank you!

Lois Crook Crossley
My mother and Buck Crook's youngest daughter.
William Robert Mitchell
Architectural author and historian who wrote Lewis Edmund Crook, Jr. Architect, "A Twentieth-Century Traditionalist In The Deep South"
Van Jones Martin
The photographer of many of the images contained herein - at least those from the above book.
The TIGER Map Service
One of the most useful applications on the internet: it makes me feel better about paying taxes!
The following listing agents of Crook homes were helpful:
Patricia Johnston
A reference librarian with the Georgia Tech Library.
Sara Saunders
A reference archivist with the Atlanta History Center.
Ron Crigler
For creating some of the bitmaps, in particular, the For Sale sign.
Bobby Crook
For Crook family history.
The descendants of A. Rhodes Perdue
Including Jan Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes Perdue, and their son David.
Mathew Kramer
For sending me the picture of my grandmother in the GT Blueprint
My girls: Laurie, Sarah, and Anna
For allowing me the time to do this.