Lewis Crook, Architect

Crook Residences in South Buckhead

This collection of Ivey & Crook's residences includes those homes located in the southern part of Buckhead, from Brookwood Hills up to West Wesley Road.

Map of South Buckhead

172 Peachtree Battle Avenue
Buck Crook's own residence: the house where my mother grew up. I knew it as my Aunt Florence's house, since, as the eldest daughter, it was left to her. After her death in 1986, the house was purchased by Dee and Barry Brown. I believe the house has been bought and sold a couple of times since then.
2542 Habersham Road, N.W.
Job #92, commissioned by Henry C. Wagstaff, Jr. in 1923: the first Ivey & Crook collaboration.
2595 Woodward Way
Job #301, built for Dr. William A. Garrett in 1934, one of my favorite Crook homes.
2575 Habersham Road, N.W.
Job #319, built for E.L. Osborne in 1936, one of three Ivey & Crook designs within view of eachother.
2505 Rivers Road
Job #114, built for D.B. Frisbie in 1924, one of the earliest Ivey and Crook designs, and right around the corner from Buck's own residence. Unfortunately, it is not easily visible from the road.
2629 Arden Road
Job #369, commissioned by Pope F. Brock in 1939. The overhang of the roof and the lack of space between the windows and the roof are not exactly representative of his style -- we'll chalk it up to "architectural versatility".
516 Westover Drive
Job #643, built for W.A. Rooker in 1959, another example of a home in perfect harmony with its surroundings. As with other Crook-designed homes, this house is "sneaky-big".
61 Brighton Road
Job #205 and #589, built for William A. Parker, Jr. in 1928. A garage was added in 1953. This Brookwood Hills home is featured in Bill Mitchell's book, Classic Atlanta. Both the exterior photograph and this interior view were taken by Van Jones Martin and are from that book. The Parkers sold the house to Anne and Bradley Hale in 1964.
34 Palisades Road
Job #097, designed for Mrs. John W. Moore in 1923, this home is located in the beautiful, Brookwood Hills subdivision. Notice the intricate detail, particularly in the brickwork.
57 Camden Road
Job #383, built for Wendell W. Harsh in 1940. This little house has gone through some changes. Renovations to the bathrooms, kitchen and additional bedrooms will hopefully only enhance its rich architectural legacy. It's located in the heart of Brookwood Hills: on the southern side of Camden in between Wakefield Drive and Montclair.
2465 Oldfield Road
Job #278, built for Ross R. Glover in 1933.
2096 Fairhaven Circle
Job #568, built for T.E. Smith in 1952.
  • Job #133, 2549 Habersham Road, N.W., for C.V.C. Glover in 1924
  • Job #284, 2525 Woodward Way, alterations for Mrs. Charles C. Case in 1934 - sold in 1996 by Comer Jennings for around $1.3 million.
  • Job #405, 2500 Woodward Way, alterations to garage for Perry L. Blackshear in 1942

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