Lewis Crook, Architect

Crook Commercial Works

Although most of Ivey and Crook's work in Atlanta consisted of residences, churches, and academic buildings, there were commissioned a few commercial buildings as well, a few of which are still standing. Those since torn down include the Latham & Atkinson Store (Job 212), Weinberger's Shop (Job 368), and the Thompson, Boland & Lee Shoes Store (Job 364). Some survivors appear below.

The Olympia Building
Five Points, Edgewood and Decatur streets
Job #309, commissioned in 1935 by banker, Frank Hawkins. Considered a Landmark Building by the Atlanta Urban Design Commission, it was completed in 1936 and owes its name to some successful investments Mr. Hawkins made in Olympia Beach, Florida. It borders Atlanta's famed Woodruff Park, and provides a welcome classical contrast to the other more modern downtown buildings towering over it. The attention to detail is "pure Buck."
Crum and Forster, Office Building
771 Spring Street
Job #176, built in 1926 in association with Helmle, Corbett & Harrison, Architects, New York City. It's across from the Arby's I used to frequent while a student at Tech. Here's a more recent photo.
Rhodes Center
1490-1560 Peachtree Street, N.W.
Job #339, constructed in 1937. This building has been vandalized, inhabited by vagrants, and obviously for sale since I arrived in Atlanta in 1981 and probably before then. You might call it the first "strip mall" in Atlanta, and it just won't die. I understand its pending demolition has been a target of some rather heated debate among city administrators, and I derive some pride from that. I like the graffiti, too.

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